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Drive Thru Difference

Here's a great and simple way for you to share a random act of kindness, and share The Pulse Channel with more people at the same time. We call it the Drive Thru Difference. We've made up a printable letter, which you can find at the bottom of this page. Print out and keep a few copies in your car, and when you "feel the nudge," simply tell the cashier at the drive-thru window that you want to pay for the car behind you. Then ask them to pass on the letter to that person.

We hope to hear stories from you and your recipients. Use your imagination, and be the "hands and feet" of Jesus. Whether you like McDonald's or Starbucks, we hope you'll take advantage of this fun opportunity to touch someone's life and make a difference!

Click here to print out the letter


Did someone bless you? Are you here to share your story? Yay! Click here to start sharing!